Individual Works

Raul Guerrero

Chinle, 2021

oil on linen

56 1/4 x 80 1/2 x 1 1/2 inches (142.9 x 204.5 x 3.8 cm)

Press Release

The Beatitudes of Malibu includes works by more than 40 artists and poets that respond to, depict, question, or are inspired by landscapes of all kinds. The exhibition borrows its title from a poem of the same name by Rowan Ricardo Phillips; in the poem’s eight parts, the poet engages in a series of encounters with natural, social, and aesthetic landscapes associated with Los Angeles, but also with the full spectrum of myths, narratives, and allusions these landscapes elicit. The Beatitudes of Malibu employs a similarly broad range of approaches to the landscape genre by bringing together artists whose paintings, drawings, sculptures, photographs, and poems are born of divergent—and often conflicting—legacies.

Among the highlights in this diverse, multi-generational exhibition are new and recent paintings by Sayre Gomez, Jennifer Guidi, Angel Otero, Hilary Pecis, Mary Weatherford, and Jonas Wood; historical paintings and drawings by Milton Avery, Nell Blaine, Charles Burchfield, Jane Freilicher, Miyoko Ito, Helen Lundeberg, Agnes Martin, Richard Mayhew, Millard Sheets, and Alma Thomas; and works by Huma Bhabha, Lauren Halsey, and Sky Hopinka that transcend traditional discipline distinctions.

A selection of poems by Gabriela Jauregui, Bob Kaufman, Ann Lauterbach, Rowan Ricardo Phillips, and Cedar Sigo will be included in a complimentary booklet published as part of the exhibition.