Individual Works

Sam Gilliam

Morning Rush, 2021

acrylic, tin, and aluminum granules on canvas

48 x 72 x 2 3/4 inches (121.9 x 182.9 x 7 cm)

Press Release

Moving West Again features new paintings by Sam Gilliam that continue the artist’s six-decade exploration of color and materiality. The exhibition includes various scales of Gilliam's signature Beveled-edge stretcher paintings, a typology of work dating back to 1967 and which demonstrates several striking formal advances. The new works are suffused with densely layered materials including tin and copper raw metals, sawdust and aluminum shavings, and pieces of socks sourced from Gilliam's studio. He flings, splatters, and throws this media onto the canvas, creating cosmic fields of color marked over by the artist's hand or scraped into by a garden rake.

Relentlessly experimenting with the conventions of painting, these new works are thick with rich white, yellow, and blue impasto, demonstrating Gilliam’s ability to compose lyrical depth from the stretched canvas on a beveled frame. This effect, which Gilliam has perfected over decades, makes it seem as if the painting itself is emerging from the wall on which it is hung.